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Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-Backed Drone Communication

| William Foxley

Walmart has reasserted its interest in blockchain-backed drones with a recent patent application.

New Jersey Signs Blockchain Task Force Program Into Law

| William Foxley

A new program will bring blockchain solutions to the NJ government.

Etihad Airways to Pilot Winding Tree Blockchain

| Daniel Kuhn

The partnership with enable Etihad Airways to test distributed ledger tech for its internal inventory maintenance.

AWS Backs $100,000 Competition to ‘Change the Face of Blockchain’

| Daniel Palmer

Amazon Web Services, the Ethereum Foundation and others hope to help solve a key problem for blockchains via a new competition.

NBA and ‘CryptoKitties’ Creator Team Up to Launch In-Game Collectables

| William Foxley

You can now buy in-season highlights from the NBA's biggest stars via the creators of CryptoKitties.

Firearm Firm Wins Patent for Integrating Blockchain into ‘Black Box’ for Guns

| William Foxley

A new solution adds a blockchain-based recording system to firearms.


Hyundai’s Token Company Partners With CasperLabs to Build a PoS Blockchain

| Diana Aguilar

HDAC, issuer of the Hyundai-DAC token, is working with CasperLabs to move from proof-of-work.

Huobi to Target Decentralized Finance With New Public Blockchain

| Daniel Palmer

Huobi Group is building a "regulator-friendly" public blockchain specifically designed for use cases within decentralized finance.

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Blockchain’s Adoption Challenge Is a Human Problem, Not Technical

| Maja Vujinovic

The “blockchain” concept has potential to be very powerful, but only if society is willing to change direction and purpose, says Maja Vujinovic.

The Fallacy That Blockchain Is Stuck in One Place

| Michael J Casey

Blockchain skeptics wrongly assume that the technology is in stasis, writes Michael J. Casey.