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The Fallacy That Blockchain Is Stuck in One Place

| Michael J Casey

Blockchain skeptics wrongly assume that the technology is in stasis, writes Michael J. Casey.

Thai Government Agency Develops Blockchain Tech for Elections Voting

| Yogita Khatri

A Thailand government agency has developed a blockchain-based solution that's set to digitalize elections voting in the country.

$35 Million: Sequoia Backs Turing Award Winner’s Blockchain Project

| Wolfie Zhao

Conflux, a scalable blockchain project with a Turing Award-winning co-founder, has raised $35 million from backers including Sequoia and Baidu.

Seoul Mayor Plans $100 Million Fund to Build Blockchain Smart City

| Wolfie Zhao

The mayor of Seoul plans to invest $100 million over the next five years to develop the South Korean capital as a smart city powered by blockchain.

Korea Taps Samsung’s Blockchain Tech to Fight Customs Fraud

| Wolfie Zhao

South Korea's Customs Service is looking to adopt Samsung's blockchain tech to launch a decentralized exports clearance system.

Blockchain Could Boost Trade Finance by $1 Trillion, WEF Research Says

| Wolfie Zhao

Blockchain technology can help global businesses generate an extra $1 trillion in trade finance, according to World Economic Forum research.

Major French Soccer Club Plans to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

| Wolfie Zhao

French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain is planning to issue its own cryptocurrency as a way to incentivize participation from its international fans.

Australian State Pilot Puts Driver’s Licenses on a Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

Australia's New South Wales government is turning to blockchain for a state-wide test of a driver license digitization program slated for November.

China’s Supreme Court Recognizes Blockchain Evidence as Legally Binding

| Wolfie Zhao

Blockchain can now be legally used to authenticate evidence in legal disputes in China, according to a ruling from the country's Supreme Court.

PBoC-Backed Blockchain Trade Finance Platform Enters Test Phase

| Wolfie Zhao

A blockchain trade finance platform spearheaded by the People's Bank of China has entered the testing phase ahead of an official roll-out.