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Restaurant’s Stolen Consumer Data Now For Sale on Bitcoin Black Market

| Stan Higgins

A website selling stolen credit card data from restaurant chain PF Chang's is accepting bitcoin as payment.

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How Bitcoin is Thriving in Argentina’s Black Market Economy

| James Downer

Argentinian currency restrictions created a busy black market for US dollars, and now bitcoin is on the rise too.

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Scams, Hacks and Poor Management: Life After Silk Road

| Carrie Kirby

Following Silk Road's demise, some users (and even law enforcement officials) wax nostalgic about the 'original' Dread Pirate Roberts.

Nearly $500k Sitting Unclaimed in Silk Road 2.0 Bitcoin Wallets

| Pete Rizzo

Silk Road 2.0 reports that 1,000 BTC has not been claimed by users affected by its February security breach.

After Massive Hack, It’s Pay Back Time for Silk Road 2.0

| Pete Rizzo

Silk Road 2.0 has announced it will pay back vendors and customers affected by last week's breach.


25-Year-Old Arrested After Selling Gun for Bitcoin on Black Market

| Pete Rizzo

A US bitcoin user has been arrested for allegedly selling a semi-automatic pistol to Dutch law enforcement officials.

Following the Money: Are Bitcoin Black Market Purchases Really Anonymous?

| Carrie Kirby

Researcher Sarah Meiklejohn discusses whether Silk Road's users can be prosecuted and if illegal bitcoin transactions are truly 'anonymous'.

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Deeming bitcoin illegal in Thailand will turn it into a bitcoin black market

| Daniel Cawrey

The Bank of Thailand declaring bitcoin illegal makes it a likely spot for a bitcoin black market.

Bitcoin-accepting Atlantis takes on the Silk Road

| Emily Spaven

Bitcoin-accepting Atlantis is poised to take on the Silk Road, which remains by far the biggest drug sales site.