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Charlie Shrem’s Post-Prison Blockchain Firm Sees Gold in Garbage

| Michael del Castillo

Charlie Shrem is re-imagining investment on the ethereum blockchain with a fund focusing on garbage.

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Charlie Shrem Talks Prison Life and Bitcoin’s Future in Ongoing AMA

| Pete Rizzo

Former Bitcoin Foundation board member Charlie Shrem is conducting an ongoing ask-me-anything (AMA) session from prison in Pennsylvania.

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Charlie Shrem and the Ups and Downs of BitInstant

| Nathaniel Popper

This excerpt from Nathaniel Popper's book 'Digital Gold' looks at the ups and downs of bitcoin exchange BitInstant before its ultimate demise.

Charlie Shrem No Longer Under 24-Hour House Arrest

| Daniel Cawrey

The former BitInstant CEO can now leave his residence between 9am-9pm Sunday through Thursday for employment purposes.

Charlie Shrem

Shrem Pleads Not Guilty to Money Laundering Charges

| Stan Higgins

The trial of former Bitcoin Foundation vice chairman Charlie Shrem is now set to begin this September.

Australia May Extradite Alleged Silk Road Moderator to US

| Daniel Cawrey

An Australian alleged to be a Silk Road moderator will likely sent to the United States for trial soon.

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Charlie Shrem Speaks Out About Mt. Gox, His Arrest and Bitcoin's Bromance

| Emily Spaven

Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem speaks candidly about Mt. Gox and maintaining his sanity while under house arrest.

Community Outrage Marks Latest Chapter in Mt. Gox Story

| Pete Rizzo

Several industry heavyweights have responded harshly to Mt. Gox's official explanation for its suspension of bitcoin withdrawals.

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Charlie Shrem Released on $1 Million Bail After Silk Road Money Laundering Arrest

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem has been released on bail following an appearance before Manhattan's US District Court.

New York Hearings Open in Shrem’s Shadow

| Danny Bradbury

Digital currency luminaries will testify in New York today, days after a leading NY bitcoin advocate's arrest.