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I Tried to Get People to Give Away Bitcoin – And They Did

| Bailey Reutzel

Some of bitcoin's earliest adopters have made a fortune holding onto the coins, and Connie Gallippi wanted to give them a way to help other people.…

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Bitcoin Gives Back: The Biggest Charity Drives of 2015

| Victoria van Eyk, Connie Gallippi & Elizabeth McCauley

ChangeTip community director Victoria van Eyk details the charitable efforts of the bitcoin community in 2015.

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ChangeTip Now Lets Users Redirect Tips to Charity

| Stan Higgins

ChangeTip has added a new feature that allows users to redirect tips to charitable causes, with BitGive as its first non-profit parter.

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Charities and Businesses Unite to Launch Bitcoin Giving Tuesday

| Tanaya Macheel

Bitcoin firms and organisations are partnering with the #GivingTuesday campaign to boost generosity and promote cryptocurrency as a tool for giving.

BitGive Becomes First IRS Tax Exempt Bitcoin Charity

| Tanaya Macheel

The BitGive Foundation has become the first bitcoin nonprofit organization awarded 501(c)(3) status by the IRS.

Bitcoin Donation Cup Brings Out the Best in Business Community

| Stan Higgins

The initiative seeks donations from World Cup fans and bitcoin community members alike from across the Americas.

Bitcoin Foundation Board Member Elizabeth Ploshay Joins BitPay

| Daniel Cawrey

Elizabeth Ploshay is joining the payment processor to encourage charities as well as political campaigns to adopt bitcoin.

BitGive Unites Bitcoin Industry for Charity Bowling Showdown

| Daniel Cawrey

Bitcoin proceeds from the event will go to The Water Project, focusing on providing clean water in sub-Saharan Africa.

Bitcoin Holds Big Promise for Charity but Hasn’t Delivered Many Big Gifts

| Carrie Kirby

Interest in fundraising in bitcoin is growing among charities, but the donations are slow to come in.

BitPay to Match 1 BTC in Donations for BitGive Clean Water Campaign

| Pete Rizzo

BitGive's latest charitable endeavor finds it joining with The Water Project to raise money for clean water in Africa.