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Coinpunk offers DIY Bitcoin wallet

| Danny Bradbury

Coinpunk offers a roll-your-own Bitcoin wallet service that can be hosted on your own web server, or a hosting provider's one.

Already bigger than some currencies, Bitcoin can get bigger, Gavin Andresen says

| Carrie Kirby

CoinDesk sat down with Gavin Andresen, chief scientist for the Bitcoin Foundation and lead developer for the Bitcoin open-source project.

Bitcoin will ease e-commerce pain says BitPay’s Gallippi

| Carrie Kirby

While covering Bitcoin 2013 this past weekend, CoinDesk sat down and talked with Tony Gallippi, co-founder and CEO of the payment processing firm…

BitInstant’s Charlie Shrem sees Bitcoin battles ahead #Bitcoin2013

| Carrie Kirby

Largely untapped markets such as global remittances represent a huge opportunity for Bitcoin, BitInstant founder Charlie Shrem said at Bitcoin 2013.

BitPay CEO Tony Gallippi warns against DIY Bitcoin fails #Bitcoin2013

| Carrie Kirby

BitPay CEO Tony Gallippi made a case at Bitcoin 2013 for why the digital currency needs payment networks like his.

CoinDesk talks with Roger Ver, ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ #Bitcoin2013

| Carrie Kirby

Bitcoin investor and evangelist Roger Ver -- "Bitcoin Jesus," some call him -- used bitcoins to buy his plane ticket to San Jose for Bitcoin 2013.

Bitcoin 2013 in review

| Carrie Kirby

Walking into the San Jose Convention Center this weekend, at first you might mistake the crowd for just another programming conference.....

Coinlab, BitPay, Coinbase, BitInstant execs offer startup how-tos #Bitcoin2013

| Carrie Kirby

What's life like for a bitcoin startup? A panel of entrepreneurs tackled that topic during a panel discussion Sunday at Bitcoin 2013.

Lamassu, RoboCoin Bitcoin ATMs show their stuff in San Jose #Bitcoin2013

| Carrie Kirby

Two machines for changing dollars to bitcoins were on the show floor at the Bitcoin 2013 show in San Jose.

Tuur Demeester: Bitcoin still a great investment #Bitcoin2013

| Carrie Kirby

Even at today's prices ($120.50 as of mid-day on May 19), Bitcoin remains a very good investment, says MacroTrends publisher Tuur Demeester.