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Video: London’s Pembury Tavern Celebrates a Year of Bitcoin

| Roop Gill

One year ago, the Pembury Tavern became the first London pub to accept bitcoin. CoinDesk revisits Hackney to celebrate.

Bitcoin London panel

Bitcoin 2013 video roundup: Bitcoin is the Wild West

| Jeremy Bonney

Video roundup of entrepreneurs, investors and speakers at last week's Bitcoin London conference from


The rise of Bitcoin: Bitcoin London’s investors and entrepreneurs

| Jeremy Bonney

The FT's Maija Palmer reports from Bitcoin London and goes to buy her first (fraction) of a Bitcoin.

Bitcoin regulation panel

What does the future hold for bitcoin regulation? #BTCLondon

| Emily Spaven

A panel of bitcoin and legal experts discussed the hot topic of regulation and digital currency today at the Bitcoin London conference.

VC panel discusses bitcoin

VC panel discusses investment opportunities in bitcoin #BTCLondon

| Emily Spaven

A panel of investors displayed a certain level of scepticism today when they discussed the arguments for and against investing in bitcoin companies.

Sveinn Valfells

Why Iceland should use bitcoin as its national currency #BTCLondon

| Elizabeth Machuca

The economist Sveinn Valfells has an unusual proposition: Bitcoin should become the Icelandic national currency.

bitcoin startup pitches

Startup pitches: Lamassu, Bits of Gold,, BitPrice and Bits of Proof #BTCLondon

| Elizabeth Machuca

Bitcoin London today showcased the rise of bitcoin startups in places like Argentina, Brazil, Israel and the DAE.

Bitcoin startups panel 2

Coinapult, Bitstamp, LocalBitcoins, Tradehill and Kipochi discuss bitcoin growth #BTCLondon

| Elizabeth Machuca

Some of the rising stars of the bitcoin world that could boost bitcoin adoption in the next few months discussed successes and issues with the…

Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester: Bitcoin ‘is the solution to financial dissatisfaction’ #BTCLondon

| Emily Spaven

Modern society is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with mainstream financial systems and currencies, Tuur Demeester explained at Bitcoin London…

Pamir Gelenbe

Pamir Gelenbe: Digital currencies ‘are like a virus’ #BTCLondon

| Emily Spaven

"I think of digital currencies as a virus. You find out about it, you get it, it grows and grows inside you, then you pass it on," says Pamir Gelenbe.