Browsing the "" Tag Looks to List BCH Futures on CFTC-Approved Exchange

| Danny Nelson is in talks to list a bitcoin cash futures contract on a regulated exchange, according to the head of the company’s exchange division. 

bitcoin, computer to Launch an Exchange

| Daniel Kuhn

The exchange will list the major cryptocurrencies, simple ledger protocol tokens, and support BCH trading pairs.

Roger Ver bitcoin donation

Roger Ver Steps Into Chairman Role as Adds New CEO

| William Foxley

Roger Ver is now Executive Chairman of as Stefan Rust joins as CEO

bitcoin computer

Roger Ver and OKCoin at War Over Domain Name

| Stan Higgins

Two of bitcoin's biggest names, Roger Ver and exchange OKCoin, are engaged in a dispute over the domain, amid accusations over contracts.

jared kenna interview

Video: Jered Kenna on Losing and His Struggle for Success

| Daniel Cawrey

Jered Kenna discusses the highs and lows of running Mt Gox's earliest rival, the projects he's busy with now and life in his new home, Colombia.

Blockchain Launches, Previews Unreleased Android App

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain launched the new today giving bitcoin beginners a learning portal to the basics.

GogoCoin Partners with Blockchain to Give Away BTC-Loaded Cards

| Daniel Cawrey

The cards are loaded with 2 mBTC, intended as giveaways to increase adoption of its wallet service.


Blockchain Signs 5-Year Deal to Manage ‘’

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

The company says it is positioning itself to build its profile in the bitcoin community and drive consumer adoption.