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Meeting Bitcoiners Online When They Live in the Same City

| Bailey Reutzel and Evan Engel

Bitcoin developer Mark "Murch" Erhardt tells CoinDesk about the most surprising interaction he ever had in his years of running the Bitcoin Stack…

I Underestimated Just How Many Subpoenas I Would Get

| Evan Engel and Pete Rizzo

The number of subpoenas early crypto companies got from misinformed government agencies was "staggering," says Bloq's Steve Beauregard.

My Bank Account Was Frozen for Bitcoin – And It Only Made Me Love Crypto More

| Bailey Reutzel and Evan Engel

The guy who coined the term "hodl" has a real bitcoin story that only made his interest in the technology stronger.

Bitcoin and Blockchain: The Tangled History of Two Tech Buzzwords

| Alyssa Hertig

The word "blockchain" isn't used in the bitcoin white paper, the document that started it all. So, how did the term take off as a buzzword?

Bitcoin symbol on keyboard

About That Orange B… The History of Bitcoin’s Logos

| Annaliese Milano

Can a logo symbolize the ethos of a project? An industry? An entire movement? Bitcoin's might have come close.

How Lightning Makes Bitcoin Great Again (for Payments)

| Bailey Reutzel and Evan Engel

Lightning Labs' Alex Bosworth talks about how the lightning network provides bitcoin's best hope for becoming the payments network of the future.

square, bitcoin

Satoshi Square: How Bitcoin Took Over a Park (And Then the World)

| Evan Engel

Before we knew whether bitcoin was legal or illegal, a group on New Yorkers created an in-person meetup for people to buy, sell and trade the…

Bitcoin Brought Us a New World We Could Have Only Imagined

| Mike Belshe

It's been 10 years since bitcoin's white paper appeared and opened up a whole new world of possibilities, says BitGo's Mike Belshe.

Distributed Ledgers, Not Tokens, Are the True Heirs to Satoshi’s Vision

| Adam Krellenstein

What if bitcoin's white paper wasn't meant to inspire ICOs?