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I Can’t Believe This Blockchain Is Free

| Michael J Casey

At the very least, a blockchain mindset can help you call social media giants' bluff when they tell you that their services are "free."

Google Now Provides a Big Data View of the Ethereum Blockchain

| Daniel Palmer

Internet search giant Google is providing a Big Data window into ethereum after adding the network to its analytics platform BigQuery.

Biotech Giant Plans to Securely Share Genetic Data on a Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

A biotech giant based in South Korea is turning to blockchain to allow it to share genetic data without risking patients' privacy.

Sony Details Blockchain Use for Education Data

| Nikhilesh De

Sony goes through how it would develop nodes for a blockchain in a recently-released patent application first filed in January.

Can Blockchain Save Us from the Internet’s Original Sin?

| Michael J Casey

The digital behemoths – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple – have too much power over our digital lives. Can blockchain help us take back control?

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Blockchains and Personal Data Protection Regulations Explained

| Jacek Czarnecki

Blockchain will likely increase personal data protections, but challenges lie ahead with the regulatory environment, says lawyer Jacek Czarnecki.

Trusted Hardware Can Help Bitcoin Scale, But At What Cost?

| Alyssa Hertig

As 2016 comes to a close, bitcoin development remains at a crossroads. Take the long-anticipated scaling solution, the Lightning Network. An…

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Peernova Quietly Collects $4 Million for Big Data Blockchain Play

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain solutions provider Peernova is quietly raising money to bring its enterprise big data product to Asia.

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Blockchains and the Question of Data Reliance

| Kesem Frank

Nuco co-founder Kesem Frank explores why blockchains may play a big role in protecting consumers as IoT comes of age.


How to Get Blockchain Tech on Data Regulators’ Radars

| Steve Ehrlich

Technology analyst Steve Ehrlich discusses blockchain tech from the perspective of regulators tasked with ensuring global data protection.