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Bank of Japan: Adopting Central Bank Crypto Would Mean Dropping Cash

| Daniel Palmer

A Bank of Japan official has ruled out the launch of a central bank digital currency because to do so may require the country to abandon cash.

Central Banks Say Blockchain Could Shake Up Securities Settlement

| Annaliese Milano

The second report from the project 'Stella' initiative explores applications of distributed ledger technology to the securities settlement process.

DLT Not Ready to Replace Settlement Systems, ECB and BoJ Say

| Stan Higgins

The Bank of Japan and the ECB have said that blockchain technology is too "immature" to replace their real-time settlement systems.

Bank of Japan Fintech Head: Don’t Expect Central Banks to Lead DLT

| Pete Rizzo

In an exclusive interview, Bank of Japan's Yuko Kawai discussed how blockchain is emerging as one of the "hottest topics" among central banks.

Bitcoin Lending Concept Debuted At Bank of Japan Event

| Stan Higgins

HAW Technologies has developed a bitcoin lending market concept, presented at an event hosted by Japan’s central bank.

Bank of Japan Official: DAO-Style Problems Could Dampen DLT

| Stan Higgins

An official from Japan’s central bank invoked failed ethereum-based project The DAO in a speech yesterday.

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Japan’s Central Bank Says Blockchain Trials Are Exploratory So Far

| Michael del Castillo

The head of payments at Japan's central bank says blockchain won't be applied to its payments and settlement systems any time soon.

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How Blockchain is Helping Solve Japan’s ‘Galapagos Syndrome’

| Michael del Castillo

Japan's 'Galapagos Syndrome' means that some tech firms are unable to compete internationally, but one blockchain consortium aims to change that.

Bank of Japan to Host Distributed Ledger Forum Next Month

| Stan Higgins

Japan’s central bank is set to host an event focused on distributed ledger tech next month.

ECB, Bank of Japan Launch Joint Distributed Ledger Research Effort

| Stan Higgins

The European Central Bank is weighing the use of distributed ledger tech in partnership with Japan’s central bank.