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Muh Monopoly! How a Banker’s Talk Sparked All Kinds of Crypto Mockery

| Anna Baydakova

The head of the Bank of International Settlements briefly became the butt of crypto Twitter trolling last week after issuing new comments on the tech.

Halt the Internet? BIS Report Critiques Blockchain and DLT Claims

| Nikhilesh De

The Bank of International Settlements harshly reviewed the idea of cryptocurrencies, though it was more accepting of the idea of distributed ledgers.

Bank of International Settlements to Publish New Crypto Research

| Anna Baydakova

The Bank of International Settlements intends to publish two cryptocurrency-focused chapters of its annual report this weekend.

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Central Bank Digital Currencies Could Fuel Bank Runs, BIS Says

| Stan Higgins

A central bank-issued digital currency could fuel faster bank runs during periods of financial instability, the BIS said Monday.

‘End of Life Cycle’: BIS Report Positions DLT as Needed Banking Update

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Distributed ledgers could help update aging central banking systems, says a new report, but issuing cryptocurrencies will be a more complex affair.

BIS Report: DLT ‘Promising’ But ‘A Long Way Off’

| Pete Rizzo

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has released a new report on blockchains and distributed ledgers.