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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Publishes Latest Client Specs in Blockchain Standards Push

| Ian Allison

The EEA has published its latest client spec, which simplifies permissioning systems for enterprise blockchains, among other recommendations.

Spain’s Securities Market Watchdog Completes Blockchain Test

| Muyao Shen

A pilot test was successfully conducted for a Spanish-backed blockchain project to increase the efficiency of registering issuances.

Santander Conducts Proxy Voting Blockchain Pilot at AGM

| Sujha Sundararajan

Banco Santander has completed a blockchain pilot that it says improves the process of proxy voting during annual general meetings.

Bank Consortium to Launch Joint Venture for Blockchain Trade Platform

| Nikhilesh De

A group of banks, now including Santander, is planning to create a business venture in Ireland for its in-development blockchain commerce platform.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Gets to Work at 90-Member ‘Town Hall’ Meeting

| Michael del Castillo

One of the world's largest blockchain consortiums is kicking off its next phase of development.

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JP Morgan, Santander Said to Join New Ethereum Blockchain Group

| Michael del Castillo

New details have emerged about an effort to launch a formal enterprise blockchain group centered on the ethereum protocol.

Making Blockchain Real for Enterprises: The Importance of Tokenization

| Julio Faura

Banco Santander's Julio Faura looks back on what he calls a "remarkable" year for blockchain development in the financial industry.


Santander Quits R3 Blockchain Consortium

| Pete Rizzo

Banco Santander has departed the R3 blockchain consortium, according to a representative.

Santander Vies to Become First Bank to Issue Cash on Blockchain

| Pete Rizzo

Spanish banking giant Santander is working on a project that explores how it could digitize customer cash using the public ethereum blockchain.

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Santander: Bitcoin Threatens Credit Card Issuers

| Stan Higgins

New research from Banco Santander suggests it believes credit card stakeholders will be impacted by bitcoin.