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Baidu Launches Plug and Play Blockchain Platform for Dapps

| Daniel Palmer

Chinese search giant Baidu has launched a plug-and-play blockchain platform aimed to simplify commercial deployment of decentralized apps.

Chinese Search Giant Baidu Shares Details of Upcoming Blockchain

| Anna Baydakova

Chinese search engine Baidu has published a new white paper outlining its upcoming XuperChain network.

Search Giant Baidu to Censor Crypto Discussions on Online Forum

| Wolfie Zhao

Chinese search giant Baidu is joining Alibaba and Tencent in a move aimed to distance itself from cryptocurrency-related activities.

SBCVC, Baidu Lead $3 Million Funding for Ex-Googler’s Crypto Startup

| Brady Dale

Atlas Protocol is getting initial backing from SBCVC and BV (Baidu Venture), who are betting on onchain data as a marketing asset.

Baidu’s Blockchain Photo App Launches With Its Own Token

| Wolfie Zhao

Chinese internet search giant Baidu has created a proprietary token to power its new blockchain-based photo validating and sharing service. 

Search Giant Baidu Is Launching a Blockchain Space Game

| Wolfie Zhao

The Chinese search giant is this week launching a blockchain game aimed to educate people about possibilities of crypto technology.

Baidu’s ‘Wikipedia’ Now Logs Revisions on a Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

Chinese search giant Baidu has turned to blockchain technology in order to make its online encyclopedia more traceable and transparent.

Search Giant Baidu Unveils Blockchain Photo Platform

| Wolfie Zhao

Chinese search giant Baidu has launched a blockchain-based stock photo service in bid to protect image intellectual property in China.

Chinese Search Giant Baidu Just Launched Its Own CryptoKitties

| Wolfie Zhao

China's search giant Baidu is testing a marketplace for digital assets that represent furry, tradable pets.

Search Giant Baidu Launches Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

| Sujha Sundararajan

Chinese web search giant Baidu has launched its own blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform based on its own technology.