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Jaguar Land Rover Plans to Give Drivers Crypto in Return for Their Data

| Yogita Khatri

Jaguar Land Rover is trialing tech that may soon let drivers earn rewards in the IOTA cryptocurrency for sharing data on road conditions.

2 Crypto Startups Want to Put 10 Million Used Cars on a Blockchain

| Ian Allison

The Fusion Foundation is joining forces with the Automotive eXchange Platform to put 10.5 million used cars on a blockchain.

Blockchain Has Potential in Curbing Odometer Fraud: EU Report

| Sujha Sundararajan

The European Parliament has released a research paper that touts blockchain in the prevention of odometer fraud or "clocking."

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IBM Joins Automakers, Banks in Blockchain Wallet Project Expansion

| Nik De & Michael del Castillo

IBM is joining a consortium effort that seeks to conceive how blockchain payments could help power autonomous vehicles.

German Chemical Company Pilots Supply Chain Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

German chemical giant BASF has revealed it is investigating blockchain's potential in tracking supply chains.

Trust Your Odometer? Blockchain Test Aims to Turn Tide on Car Tampering

| Jonathan Keane

If you've ever bought a used car you'll understand why BigchainDB has developed a platform that tracks vehicle history on a blockchain.

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Day of Demos: Blockchain-IoT Consortium Kicks Off With Use Cases Aplenty

| Bailey Reutzel

At the Trusted IoT Alliance event on Thursday, a convergence between two nascent industries – blockchain and IoT – was apparent in a day of…

‘A-Ha Moment’: Toyota Talks Vision For How Blockchain Could Change Driving

| Pete Rizzo

Chris Ballinger, director of mobility services and chief financial officer for Toyota's R&D arm, talks the automaker's blockchain strategy.

Toyota’s R&D Division is Building a Blockchain Consortium

| Pete Rizzo

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is going big with a bold blockchain strategy unveiled as part of its exhibit at Consensus 2017.

AT&T Explores Cryptocurrency Car Payments in New Patent Filing

| Stan Higgins

Digital currency payments in vehicles may not be far off, if the ideas in a new patent application from telecom giant AT&T enter real-world use.