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Australian Government: Welfare Applicants Must Declare Bitcoin Assets

| Jon Southurst

The Australian government has mentioned bitcoin on an official pension application form, which local experts say legitimizes digital currency.

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Australian Bitcoin Industry Reacts to Tax Proposals

| Jon Southurst

The Australian Tax Office has issued guidelines on how it will tax bitcoin, displeasing some in the local industry.

The Real Reason Banks Don’t Like Bitcoin

| Jon Southurst

A banking professional lists the reasons banks are reluctant to deal with bitcoin, and it involves compliance and costs.

Australian Lawyers, Bitcoin Groups Call for Clarity on Regulation

| Jon Southurst

Sensible policy is needed to legitimize bitcoin for banks and assist consumers and businesses, say Australian lawyers and groups.

Australian Tax Office Delays Bitcoin Guidance

| Jon Southurst

Breaking with expectations, the ATO postponed its ruling on taxation of digital currencies – for now.

DigitalBTC Makes History With Australian Stock Market Debut

| Jon Southurst

Australian firm digitalBTC makes history today as the first bitcoin company to trade on a mainstream stock exchange.

Bitcoin Australia Launches Preemptive Strike Against Restrictive Taxes

| Jon Southurst

The advocacy group says Australia's government needs a 'practical approach' to bitcoin, defining it as money for taxation.


100 Bitcoin ATMs to Land in Australia Soon

| Jon Southurst

Australian broadcaster ABC reports that a local company will import and install the ATMs across the country.

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The Australian Bitcoin Association Opens its Doors

| Richard Boase

The Australian Bitcoin Association is officially accepting members, having completed the process of becoming a fully-fledged legal entity.