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Barcelona to Launch Local Digital Currency, Reports Claim

| Yessi Bello Perez

Barcelona city council is reportedly working to launch its own digital currency in the next six months.

How Auroracoin is Forcing Digital Currency Discussion in Iceland

| Daniel Cawrey

Digital currency awareness is growing as Auroracoin closes in on passing 10% of its original distribution goal.

Cryptsy Founder Paul Vernon on Worthy Altcoins, Pre-Mining and Compliance

| Daniel Cawrey

The exchange currently trades 157 cryptocurrencies and 70,000 active users, but it hasn't added fiat currency – yet.


Make Your Own Cash, 1930s Style; the CoinSummit Boosters; and Hot Pockets

| John Law

John Law remembers a 1930s currency revolution, survives exuberant optimism, and (almost) finds something good about mobile malware mining.

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CoinDesk Guide to the World’s National Altcoins

| Jon Southurst

All you need to know about national cryptocurrencies – a new trend in altcoin development.

Dogecoin’s Jackson Palmer on Fast Transactions, Many Tips and Much Inflation

| Daniel Cawrey

Jackson Palmer tells CoinDesk why he founded dogecoin and why it is more appealing than bitcoin.

Price of Iceland’s Auroracoin Falls 50% Against Bitcoin After Airdrop

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk reviews the ups and downs of auroracoin's official launch, and what they mean for country-based digital currencies.

Auroracoin Airdrop: Will Iceland Embrace a National Digital Currency?

| Daniel Cawrey

Starting with tomorrow's Airdrop, Icelanders can claim 31.8 auroracoins in one of digital currency's most ambitious experiments.

Icelandic Parliament Committee Holds Closed Session to Discuss Auroracoin

| Daniel Cawrey

Iceland's Parliamentary Committee on Economic Affairs and Trade discussed auroracoin in a closed meeting on Friday, March 14.

Iceland’s Auroracoin Passes Litecoin, Becomes Third Largest Altcoin by Market Cap

| Pete Rizzo

The meteoric rise of the Icelandic altcoin has surprised even its founder.