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Leading Auction House Christie’s to Record Art Sales on a Blockchain

| Yogita Khatri

Christie's auction house is launching a pilot program to record art sales and provenance on a blockchain.

US Government to Sell Off $10 Million in Seized Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

| Sujha Sundararajan

U.S. prosecutors in the state of Utah are moving to sell millions of dollars-worth of cryptocurrencies seized in an opioid drug case.

Sweden’s Government to Sell Seized Bitcoin in Open Auction

| Stan Higgins

The Swedish government is to hold a week-long bitcoin auction, starting today, with 0.6 BTC for up for grabs.

Ukraine’s Government Plans to Auction Seized Assets On a Blockchain

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Ukraine's justice ministry has begun testing the use of a blockchain to digitally auction seized assets, according to a report.

USMS, US Marshals

US Marshals to Sell $1.6 Million in Bitcoin at Auction

| Stan Higgins

The US government has announced it intends to sell off just over $1.6m in bitcoin confiscated from various criminal cases.


$19 Million in Bitcoin Hits the Auction Block in Australia

| Pete Rizzo

More than $19m worth of bitcoin is now being sold at auction, though few details are available on participants involved.


Ernst & Young to Sell $12 Million in Bitcoin at Auction

| Pete Rizzo

Ernst & Young has announced it will auction $12.9m worth of bitcoin confiscated from a former Silk Road user.

US Marshals

Four Winners Split 44,000 Bitcoins in Final Silk Road Auction

| Pete Rizzo

The US Marshals Service has revealed that its fourth and final auction of confiscated Silk Road bitcoins resulted in four winners.


Bitcoin Exchange itBit Wins 10,000 BTC in US Government Auction

| Pete Rizzo

Bitcoin exchange itBit has emerged as the first of what could be as many as three winners in last week's US government bitcoin auction.


Bidder Turnout Ties All-Time Low in Final Silk Road Bitcoin Auction

| Pete Rizzo

The final US Marshals auction of 44,000 bitcoins confiscated during the investigation into online black market Silk Road drew just 11 bidders today.