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Bitcoin Puzzle Artist’s Crypto Gaming Startup Now Valued at $13 Million

| Leigh Cuen

One of the bitcoin community’s best-known artists is gearing up to launch a blockchain-powered video game with investor backing.

The Giant Bitcoin Rat Is Back And This Time It’s After Alan Greenspan

| Alyssa Hertig

The artist behind a giant, inflatable, rat-shaped piece of protest art dedicated to bitcoin is at it again – this time at the DC Fed.

Leading Auction House Christie’s to Record Art Sales on a Blockchain

| Yogita Khatri

Christie's auction house is launching a pilot program to record art sales and provenance on a blockchain.

rat, sculpture

There’s A Giant Bitcoin Rat on Wall Street And It’s Staring Down the Fed

| Alyssa Hertig

A public art installation in New York is turning heads in what its creator hopes will be a commentary on bitcoin and government money management.

University Researchers Turn to Blockchain to Preserve Cultural Heritage

| Wolfie Zhao

A team from China's Tsinghua University is patenting a way to store and share digital versions of culturally important objects using a blockchain.

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Deloitte Demos Blockchain Use Case for Art Industry

| Stan Higgins

Professional services firm Deloitte has unveiled a new blockchain proof-of-concept focused on artwork provenance.

Everledger Plans Blockchain Database to Combat Art Fraud

| Jacob Donnelly

Everledger has partnered with fine art database firm Vastari, aiming to use its blockchain platform to combat fraud within the art industry.

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How the Blockchain Can Unshackle the World

| Jalak Jobanputra

Having trouble understanding the big picture for blockchain tech? VC Jalak Jobanputra expands on her thesis for the tech in this opinion piece.

How Kialara Uses Physical Bitcoins to Explore the Value of Art

| Emily Faber

The Kialara has fast become one of bitcoin's key collectibles, but it also raises questions about the value of art.

Artists Turn to Bitcoin for Inspiration, Not Personal Finance

| Emily Faber

Artists are being inspired by bitcoin's mystery, but are they converting into digital currency users?