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AMD Cites ‘Absence’ of GPU Sales to Crypto Miners in Q1 Estimate

| Nikhilesh De

AMD's revenue from cryptocurrency miners has seemingly gone dry, the company said in its Q4 earnings report.

Ethereum Studio ConsenSys Teams Up With Chip Manufacturer AMD

| Nikhilesh De

ConsenSys is partnering with AMD to provide a new cloud computing blockchain infrastructure aimed at large companies and government agencies.

AMD: GPU Sales to Crypto Miners Was ‘Negligible’ in Q3

| Nikhilesh De

AMD announced it saw "negligible" revenue from selling graphics cards to the crypto mining community over the past quarter.

AMD Sees Q2 Drop in GPU Sales to Crypto Miners

| Nikhilesh De

GPU sales for cryptocurrency mining fell quarter-over-quarter, AMD announced in its Q2 report on Wednesday.

Crypto Mining Made Up 10% of AMD’s Revenue in Q1

| Nikhilesh De

While AMD sees demand for GPUs to process blockchains falling this quarter, CEO Lisa Su believes the technology will have a long-term impact.

Motherboard Maker ASRock Confirms Plan to Sell Crypto Miners

| Nikhilesh De

Taiwan-based motherboard producer ASRock confirmed that some of its new GPUs are meant for cryptocurrency mining.

AMD Bolsters Crypto Mining in Latest GPU Software Update

| Nikhilesh De

The latest version of AMD's Adrenalin Edition driver for its Radeon processors fixes an issue impacting blockchain processes.

AMD: GPU Business Could Take Hit If Crypto Miners Stop Buying

| Nikhilesh De

AMD expressed concern in a new SEC filing about the potential impact of a drop in GPU demand from crypto miners.

Cryptocurrency Price Surge Could Boost GPU Sales, Says Wall Street Analyst

| Aaron Stanley

Prices increases in ethereum, monero and other cryptocurrencies could spark a sales boost for makers of graphics cards (GPUs).

Morgan Stanley Predicts 2018 Plunge in GPU Mining Sales

| Nikhilesh De

Cryptominers will likely purchase fewer graphics cards in 2018 as ethereum's hard forks make mining a less profitable exercise.