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Ripple Fever? Other Crypto Assets Are Outpacing Its 2018 Gains

| Omkar Godbole

Alternative cryptocurrencies have seen a notably boost, though those that are grabbing the most news don't necessarily have the largest recent gains.

Willy Woo

Just 400%? Willy Woo’s Math for Insane Crypto Returns

| Bailey Reutzel

High stakes altcoin investor Willy Woo has the math to back up his (at times turbulent) investment thesis.

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ICOs, Dumb Money and Ethereum’s (Eth)ical Dilemma

| Matt Prusak

Investment strategist Matt Prusak outlines why he predicts a massive correction for ether and the other tokens built on ethereum.

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Traders Plan for Correction as Crypto Market Falls Below $100 Billion

| Charles Bovaird

As a boom in the cryptocurrency market shows signs of slowing, traders are taking defensive measures and hedging their bets.

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Market Boom: The 10 Largest Cryptocurrencies Are All Up Today

| Stan Higgins

Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency on the rise today – across the digital asset economy many tradeable tokens posted outsized gains.

‘User-Generated Currency’: Bitcoin and the YouTube of Money

| Galia Benartzi

Why the ability of blockchain technologies to create many currencies could create a 'long tail' of new commerce opportunities.

Space & Time: How BitTorrent’s Creator is Attacking Bitcoin Waste

| Corin Faife

Bitcoin's 'proof of work' validation mechanism burns a huge amount of energy, but this novel solution from developer Bram Cohen aims to change that.

The Market Cap of All Crypto Assets is Up $4 Billion Since Friday

| Stan Higgins

Bitcoin markets aren’t the only ones on the rise in the wake of the SEC’s exchange-trade fund listing decision.

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The $45-Dollar Question: What’s Going On With the Price of Dash?

| Stan Higgins

The price of dash is on a tear – but why?

Altcoin Uptick Ends as Bitcoin Prices Pass $1,050

| Charles Bovaird

Altcoins enjoyed a notable rally earlier in the week, but now that run appears to be over.