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Arrington-backed Crypto Loans Firm to Accept Telegram’s Token as Collateral

| Daniel Palmer

Crypto loans firm Nexo says it will accept the gram ICO token from Telegram as collateral. Trouble is, the tokens may not be available for some time.

‘Moderation Bot’ Blacklists Telegram Users to Tackle Crypto Scams

| Daniel Palmer

Blockchain advisory firm AmaZix is launching a "moderation bot" to help stamp out cryptocurrency scams on popular messaging appĀ Telegram.

Messaging Giant Telegram’s ICO Token Is at Last Going on (Limited) Public Sale

| Daniel Palmer

Telegram's gram token, previously sold to accredited investors in one of the biggest-ever ICOs, is to be offered to the public via a third party firm.

Telegram-Based Crypto Wallet App Now Allows Fiat Purchases

| Zack Seward

Button Wallet, an app that puts a crypto wallet inside your Telegram account, is adding a fiat on-ramp in a partnership with Wyre.

Telegram Tech Promised In ICO Vulnerable to Attack, Researchers Say

| Brady Dale

Telegram has put out its first app since its ICO, but that identity play has security researchers reeling.

Former Telegram Employee to Launch Crypto Token Platform

| Anna Baydakova

Former Telegram director of special projects Anton Rosenberg is launching Mikado, a crypto derivatives trading platform.

Quantstamp Under Fire: Buyers Say Faith Shaken In $65 Million Token

| Annaliese Milano

Blockchain startup Quantstamp is feeling the heat from community members accusing it of misleading them on its QSP token and proprietary technology.

Telegram’s CEO Is Using Bitcoin to Bypass Russia’s App Ban

| Nikhilesh De

Pavel Durov is paying network administrators in bitcoin to bypass a Russian ban on Telegram.

The Wait for Grams: Why Telegram Might Just Cancel Its Public ICO

| Brady Dale

The first leaks about Telegram Open Network's "grams" token indicated a $600M public sale. Today, insiders say the public will get no sale at all.

Iran’s Government is Debating a Ban on Telegram Over Its ICO

| Daniel Palmer

Iran's president has spoken out against aired plans to ban Telegram's messaging app over fears its new token may undermine the national currency.