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lloyd's of london

Lloyd’s Report: Bitcoin Will Always Be Risky

| Grace Caffyn

Bitcoin's security risk will "never be reduced to zero", according to a report released by insurance provider Lloyd’s today.

New York Law School

Payments Veterans Discuss Bitcoin vs Apple Pay at NY Law Conference

| Tanaya Macheel

Payments veterans waded into the bitcoin vs Apple Pay debate at a New York law conference this week.

law court

NY Law Panel: Bitcoin Won’t Get Banking Without Compliance

| Tanaya Macheel

The banks are often blamed for holding back bitcoin businesses, but they have their reasons, a panel finds.


CFTC Acknowledges Bitcoin’s Long-Term Promise at DC Hearing

| Tanaya Macheel

The CFTC held a meeting today to discuss bitcoin and its potential effects on US derivatives markets.


Bitcoin Think Tank Coin Center Launches with Star-Studded Support

| Stan Higgins

Coin Center has launched to promote digital currency outreach, research and public policy activism.


Inching Towards Bitcoin Derivatives

| Jon Matonis

As the bitcoin economy matures, derivatives exchanges will emerge to satisfy commercial hedgers.

How Regulators Should Approach The Bitcoin Derivatives Market

| Alyssa Hertig

Mercatus Center scholars recommend that policymakers use a “bottom-up” approach to regulating bitcoin.


Whether or Not Bitcoin Needs it, Regulators are Going to Regulate

| Danny Bradbury

What are members of the bitcoin community trying to achieve with the bitcoin hearings today?