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WATCH: MyCrypto CEO Taylor Monahan on Crypto Adoption and Ethereum

| William Foxley

CoinDesk sat down with MyCrypto CEO Taylor Monaghan at Devcon 5 to discuss her crypto journey.

WATCH: ‘Big Four’ Exec Says Privacy Is Key to Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

| Daniel Kuhn

"Enterprises will not go on to the public mainnet without privacy and security," EY's Paul Brody told CoinDesk.

Zcash Will Get a Gateway Into Ethereum’s DeFi Ecosystem

| Leigh Cuen

The theme of Devcon 5 was clear: For smaller assets like zcash, all roads lead to ethereum.

WATCH: Tongtong Gong of Amberdata Talks About Gender in Crypto

| John Biggs

Gong, the COO of Amberdata, talks about her experience in the growing and expanding crypto ecosystem.

At Devcon, Bitcoin Developer Amir Taaki Foresees a ‘DarkTech Renaissance’

| Christine Kim

"Why are we not thinking about how to create dark finance tools we can leverage against government bonds?"

‘Members’ of OpenLibra Disavow Project Days After Its Devcon Unveiling

| Christine Kim

The creator of an "open" alternative to Facebook's Libra stablecoin misrepresented which parties are involved in the project, CoinDesk has learned.

Draper-Backed Startup Launches .Crypto Domains on Ethereum

| Daniel Palmer

Unstoppable Domains, which builds domains on blockchains, has just launched a .crypto extension that can replace public crypto addresses.

Australia’s Gold Mint Is Backing a Crypto Token Based on Ethereum

| Daniel Palmer and Danny Nelson

The government-owned Perth Mint is backing a new digital token aimed to allow investorsĀ to trade and settle gold in real time.

Why French Lender SocGen Issued a $110 Million Ethereum Bond to Itself

| Nathan DiCamillo

Societe Generale has no plans to resell its $110 million ethereum bond, but future blockchain trials will involve external investors, an exec said.

Devcon Shows Ethereum’s ‘World Computer’ Is a Movement, Not a Product

| Leigh Cuen

Finding the narrative at ethereum's premier event.