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Venezuelan Pharmacy Chain to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

| Daniel Kuhn

The Farmarket pharmacy chain in Venezuela will begin accepting payments in dash using a new point-of-sale system pilot project.

Despite CEO Claims, Dash Isn’t Really the ‘Most Used’ Crypto in Venezuela

| Diana Aguilar

Despite wide-spread efforts and expensive advertising, Dash isn't taking off in Caracas.

armstrong, coinbase

ATOM, DASH and More: Coinbase Considers Adding 8 New Cryptos

| William Foxley

Coinbase is looking at adding eight more tokens to its current lineup.

Crypto App, Debit Card 2Gether Adds Dash to Roster of 9 Tokens

| Anna Baydakova

2gether, a European payment app allowing users to spend crypto via a Visa debit card, is adding dash to its list of nine supported coins.

Dash Core Group to Lay Off Staff in ‘Crypto Winter’ Cost-Cutting Effort

| Yogita Khatri

The company behind cryptocurrency project Dash is to reduce its staffing levels in a cost-cutting effort brought on by the bear market.

Venezuela Isn’t the Crypto Use Case You Want It to Be

| Leigh Cuen

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts love to talk about Venezuelan users as an example of bitcoin's subversive potential – but the reality is more complex.

The Fight Over Masternodes: The WTF New Way to Earn Money With Crypto

| Brady Dale

There's a battle going on and it displays how popular masternodes have become. But wait, what's a masternode? And how can you earn money with one?

Even If It Fails: Why Dash Could Have a Lasting Impact on Crypto Adoption

| Leigh Cuen

Few cryptocurrency projects are evangelizing in emerging markets as aggressively as dash, giving $2.3 million to communities in the developing world.

Japan’s Ban Is a Wake-Up Call to Defend Privacy Coins

| Robert Viglione

To advocate for regulatory leniency, we must consider the advantages, not the disadvantages, that privacy coins will provide to the greater community.


Down, Not Out? Dash Price Likely to Defend $600

| Omkar Godbole

Dash traded over an impressive range Thursday, hitting new highs above $800 before dropping back to around $600.