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CoinDesk’s 2016 in Review Reviewed: The Best of the Series

| Pete Rizzo & William Mougayar

CoinDesk reviews the best of the 50 articles that made up our '2016 in Review' series.

‘Blockchain’ May Fail Banks, But Open Software Won’t

| Pavel Kravchenko

Is 'blockchain' failing? Entrepreneur Pavel Kravchenko argues the answer to that question may be in the eye of the beholder.

Blockchain’s R-Word (And 3 Other Trends for 2017)

| Simon Taylor

FinTech expert Simon Taylor discusses what he sees as the challenges (and opportunities) ahead for enterprise applications of distributed ledger tech.

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Toward Better Security and Governance With Blockchain

| Valery Vavilov

Bitfury's Valery Vavilov argues that blockchain technology will prove key to providing a more secure and inclusive world.

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Why 2017 is Blockchain’s Make or Break Year

| Eric Piscini

Deloitte's Eric Piscini argues blockchain needs to prove its worth in the boardroom this year – or else risk 'enterprise fatigue'.

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2017: When Ethereum Will Go From IT to Enterprise

| Jeremy Millar

What's in store for ethereum in 2017? ConsenSys believes the open-source tech will be making inroads into the boardroom.

What Apple Can Teach Blockchain App Designers for 2017

| Steve Ehrlich, Ron Quaranta and Matthias Roebel

Could blockchain be more user friendly? These industry insiders believe that is essential for adoption to increase in 2017.

2016: The Year Blockchain ICOs Disrupted Venture Capital

| Sid Kalla and Matt Chwierut

Experts from Smith + Crown recap the year in ICOs – a new form of fundraising that is gaining popularity in the blockchain industry.

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Bitcoin in 2016: The Year Politics Challenged Apolitical Money

| Eric Lombrozo

Bitcoin Core developer Eric Lombrozo recaps a fraught year in bitcoin development, one that he believes could give way to a less contentious 2017.

What IoT History Reveals About Blockchain’s Challenges

| Dave Hudson

As with the Internet of Things, blockchain adoption will face further hurdles. Yet all hope is not lost, says Peernova's Dave Hudson.