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American Banker’s Marc Hochstein Joins CoinDesk as Managing Editor

| CoinDesk

CoinDesk is announcing the latest addition to its New York-based editorial team – outgoing American Banker editor-in-chief Marc Hochstein.

Fidelity’s Man: Can Tom Jessop Bridge Crypto and Wall Street for Good?

| Marc Hochstein

CoinDesk profiles Fidelity's Tom Jessop, who is leading the firm's effort to link the worlds of digital assets and Wall Street.

Hyperledger + EEA = ?

| Evan Engel

Hyperledger and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance join forces. — Three companies are now using Ripple’s xRapid in real life. —…

Bitmain Sails High

| Evan Engel

Bitmain’s IPO filing reveals that it’s doing well despite the bear market. -AND- If you bet that the SEC would delay its bitcoin ETF…

Coinbase Rolls Out the Welcome Mat

| Evan Engel

Coinbase is gearing up to rapidly expand the range of crypto assets it lists. -AND- A new Ethereum scaling solution is out, and will be ready sooner…

Do You Really Need a Blockchain for That? Concordia Annual Summit – Part 2

| Evan Engel

We traveled to the Concordia Annual Summit in New York City and spoke to four leading voices in the blockchain world, asking each one: how useful is…


The Cypherpunk’s Elixxir

| Evan Engel

Cryptocurrency exchanges react furiously to a new report from the New York Attorney General’s office. -AND- Another Japanese exchange loses…

Court Hodls Lambo

| Evan Engel

Cloudflare says it’s made it easier to access the InterPlanetary File System or IPFS. -AND- Bancor partners with EOS for a new cross-chain…

Blockchain Convict, Shard Time

| Evan Engel

IBM and Hacera launch a crypto “yellow pages.” -AND- R3’s CordaCon event draws big crowds as rumors swirl about the company’s…

Crypto Billionaire Di Iorio Seeks New Start for Jaxx as All-in-One Wallet

| Leigh Cuen

Despite some concerns about security, the new Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet could become an all-purpose crypto app.