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zuckerberg, facebook

‘However Long It Takes’: Zuckerberg Vows to Win Over Libra Regulators

| Nikhilesh De

Facebook's CEO said it will spend "however long it takes" to get regulators on board before launching Libra.

zuckerberg, facebook

Global Regulators Warn on Privacy Risks of Facebook’s Libra

| Daniel Palmer

Data protection chiefs from across the globe have united to express concerns over the privacy risks posed by Facebook's cryptocurrency project.

Facebook’s Libra Is a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for Regulators, Says ECB Policymaker

| Daniel Palmer

Benoit Coeure of the European Central Bank has said projects like Facebook's Libra require faster action from regulators.

UK Regulators Want a Long Look at Libra, Admonish Facebook’s Mantra to ‘Move Fast, Break Things’

| Daniel Kuhn

The startup mantra just won't cut it with U.K. regulators.

Facebook Hires US Senator’s Former Aide to Lobby for Libra Cryptocurrency

| Wolfie Zhao

Facebook has hired a former aide to the chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee to lobby for its Libra cryptocurrency project.

Walmart Wants to Patent a Stablecoin That Looks a Lot Like Facebook Libra

| Daniel Palmer

Retail giant Walmart has applied for a cryptocurrency patent that bears some similarities to the Libra token proposed by Facebook in mid-June.

Facebook Libra Might Never Launch, Company Concedes in SEC Disclosure

| Daniel Palmer

Facebook has acknowledged what many have been saying – that regulatory issues may be an insurmountable barrier to its Libra project.

WATCH: The Facebook Libra Hearings: Everything You Missed in 5 Minutes

| John Biggs

From Silicon Valley to Washington, DC, Facebook's Libra is causing concern everywhere it turns up. This CoinDesk video explores what happened in the…

Facebook Libra Backers Are Not Official Partners Yet, Says Visa CEO

| Daniel Palmer

While Facebook's Libra project was said to have 28 founding partners when unveiled, that isn't quite the case, says Visa CEO Alfred F. Kelly.

Facebook Libra Hasn’t Responded to Information Request: Swiss Watchdog

| Daniel Palmer

Facebook hasn't responded to a request by Switzerland’s data privacy regulator for more details on Libra, despite the project being based in Geneva.