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Alabama Securities Watchdog Hits 3 ICOs with Cease-and-Desists

| Wolfie Zhao

The U.S. state of Alabama has issued cease-and-desist orders to three ICOs that were allegedly soliciting residents with unregistered securities.

US, Canadian Regulators Launch Dozens of Crypto Scam Probes

| Stan Higgins

An "international crackdown" on cryptocurrency scams was launched Monday by a group of securities regulators.

Crypto Investment Schemes Hit With Cease-and-Desists in Texas

| Wolfie Zhao

A Texas regulator has issued cease-and-desist orders against two cryptocurrency schemes that it alleges are selling unregistered securities.

Texas Issues Another Cease-and-Desist over Alleged Crypto Fraud

| Wolfie Zhao

Texas' securities regulator has ordered yet another cryptocurrency investment firm to halt services over alleged fraud and securities violations.

BitConnect Again? DavorCoin Price Dives After Lending Site Shutdown

| Stan Higgins

The price of Davorcoin has fallen from over $170 to below $0.10 in the past month.

Texas Hits Another Crypto Lending Platform with Cease-and-Desist

| Wolfie Zhao

Texas' securities agency has issued another emergency cease-and-desist order, this time against crypto lending scheme DavorCoin.

Texas Takes Aim at Overseas ICO with Cease-and-Desist

| Wolfie Zhao

The Texas State Securities Board has ordered a cease-and-desist to an overseas ICO that allegedly solicited investors within its jurisdiction.

Texas Regulator Orders BitConnect to Call Off Token Sale

| Nikhilesh De

The Texas State Securities Board ordered BitConnect to halt its upcoming token sale, which the regulator deemed an unregistered securities offering.