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Multicoin, Intel Capital Invest $3.5 Million in Startup Demystifying Blockchain Data

| Christine Kim

Multicoin Capital and Intel Capital have led a $3.5 million seed round for blockchain API startup dfuse.

BMW, Intel Partner With Government-Backed Blockchain Accelerator

| Yogita Khatri

BMW Group Asia, Intel and Nielsen are now corporate partners of the Singapore government-supported blockchain accelerator Tribe.

Intel Wins Patent for Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining

| Nikhilesh De

An Intel patent awarded Tuesday outlines a method for mining cryptos using the SHA-256 algorithm more efficiently.

IBM and Intel’s Blockchain Tug of War

| Ian Allison

More than a potential competition between blockchain platforms, tensions between IBM and Intel point to bigger questions around governance.

Another US Indictment Links Bitcoin to Covert Russian Intelligence Activity

| Nikhilesh De

Russian intelligence agents allegedly used cryptocurrencies to help fund an "influence and disinformation" effort, the U.S. government said Thursday.

France Accuses Intelligence Agent of Selling State Secrets for Bitcoin

| Nikhilesh De

A French security official was arrested last week on charges of selling state secrets and accepting bitcoin in return, local media sources say.

Intel’s New Vulnerability Foreshadows Big Trouble

| Evan Engel

Ripple gives its blessing to a set of crypto exchanges for its xRapid service. -AND- An Airbnb co-founder backs $22 million in funding for…

Enigma Protocol to Integrate Smart Contracts Tech With Intel Systems

| Annaliese Milano

Smart contracts project Enigma will use Intel tech to help secure one of the first public blockchains utilizing privacy-preserving "secret contracts."

No Miners? Intel Seeks to Automate DLT Block Verification

| Nikhilesh De

A newly released Intel patent application sets out a system for automatically creating and validating blocks on a distributed ledger.

Intel Wants to Patent a Bitcoin Mining Hardware ‘Accelerator’

| Nikhilesh De

Intel explains in a recently-released patent application how it would improve its products for bitcoin mining purposes.