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The Incoming Wave of ICO Regulation (Yes, It’s Coming)

| Alex Sunnarborg

The SEC has not forgotten or overlooked the ICO space, and a wave of regulatory action is coming, believes Alex Sunnarborg.

japan, currency

Japan’s Finance Watchdog Eyeing ICO Regulation, Says Report

| Wolfie Zhao

Japan's financial regulator is reportedly mulling the creation of a regulatory framework for firms raising funds through initial coin offerings.

Russian Finance Ministry Proposes Draft Law on ICO Regulation

| Wolfie Zhao

Russia's Finance Ministry has introduced a draft federal law on the regulation of digital assets and initial coin offerings.

The State of ICO Regulation? New Report Outlines Legal Status in 6 Nations

| Jonathan Keane

Fintech research firm Autonomous NEXT has published a new report on the regulatory and operational challenges faced internationally by ICOs.

US Lawmakers Ask SEC to Clarify ICO Regulations

| Nikhilesh De

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are asking SEC chair Jay Clayton to provide clarity on when token sales are classified as securities.

EU Lawmaker Wants Standard Regulations to Allow ‘Passport’ for ICOs

| Nikhilesh De

One European lawmaker wants to standardize ICO regulations, thereby making it easier for projects to raise funding across the EU.

ICOs and Global Regulations

| KJ Technology

SEC Official: ICO Market Shows Need for Securities Regulation

| Nikhilesh De

An SEC commissioner warned that initial coin offerings could be fraudulent, but consumers cannot necessarily identify fraud.

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Dutch Finance Minister Calls for ICO Regulations

| Leigh Cuen

The finance minister of the Netherlands has called for new regulations around cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

Austria Planning New Regulations for Cryptocurrency, ICOs

| Annaliese Milano

Austria is drawing up cryptocurrency regulations, using as a model existing rules for the trading of gold and derivatives.