CoinDesk’s Q1 2017 State of Blockchain summarizes key trends, data and events from 2017's first quarter.

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Highlights include:

  • Aggregate cryptocurrency market cap hits all-time high of $25bn as every top 10 asset rallies.
  • Bitcoin used more than ever with over 287,000 transactions per day, leading to .92 MB blocks and $0.62 transaction fees.
  • Ethereum gains $3.6bn or 500% in market cap as transaction numbers rise and enterprises display interest publicly.
  • Early sectors become more defined as developer and investor interest grows, including privacy based cryptocurrencies, asset management platforms and prediction markets.
  • Hyperledger grows in enterprise membership, proofs of concept and frameworks, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance launches with industry leaders and a vision of interoperability between permissioned and public ethereum.
  • Blockchain venture capital totaled $107m, ICOs totaled $36m with several major deals on the horizon.
  • Regulation makes a large impact on cryptocurrency markets as the U.S. SEC rejects 2 ETFs, PBoC warnings lead to global volume crash and Chinese 'Big 3' instituting trading fees, Japan sees bitcoin as legal payment method.

Spotlight studies:

  • 'Bitcoin and Ethereum Sentiment'
  • 'Iranian Blockchain Sentiment'



CoinDesk’s research analyst Alex Sunnarborg debut the presentation at Consensus 2017.

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