Press Release: Introducing World's First Bitcoin Marketplace for Digital Goods

Press Release

US, January 6, 2017 at 01:01 UTC

CoinMall; world's first Bitcoin marketplace for digital goods. Created out of a desire for a pseudonymous marketplace where fraud and chargebacks are a thing of the past, CoinMall incorporates the unique properties of Bitcoin into a marketplace for digital goods.

Digital goods have always been extremely fraud-sensitive products, with fraud attacks on digital goods rising by 186% since last year and approximately 1/10th of all proceeds being lost to fraudsters and chargebacks. CoinMall solves this problem by utilizing Bitcoin, which is irreversible.

Where traditional marketplaces are limited by payment processor rules and regulatory constraints, many people in various countries are left out of taking part in buying or selling digital goods and services. CoinMall, on the other hand, is globally accessible with no barrier to entry, as is Bitcoin.

CoinMall takes the user's privacy seriously, and as such is a fully pseudonymous marketplace with no personal documents required to start buying or selling. A pseudonymous marketplace utilizing Bitcoin has an additional benefit; no risk of identity theft. Other marketplaces and platforms utilizing traditional payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards for purchases are more susceptible to identity theft attacks which result in stolen data being used maliciously.

The issue with pseudonymous marketplaces is that vendor scamming may pose an issue, however, CoinMall has taken the necessary precautions making sure that does not happen. The main two things CoinMall has done to prevent scamming is implement an Escrow service and both a vendor as well as product feedback system. That way buyers can verify they are dealing with reputable vendors and are assured they do not lose their funds in case their purchase is inconsistent with the listing's description.

A marketplace for digital goods is the ideal match for Bitcoin. It helps vendors save costs by not having to factor in chargebacks and fraud costs and helps users from around the world easily partake in a marketplace while still maintaining their privacy by being pseudonymous, with zero risks of identity theft. Additionally, compared to traditional marketplaces, vendors enjoy extremely low payment processing and transaction fees, which helps vendors lower the cost of their products, benefiting buyers.

Most notably are that it's completely free to start listing products on CoinMall.

For more information or to sign up and start selling, you can visit CoinMall at or email hello(at)coinmall(dot)io

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