Press Release: Innovation Ignition Competition to Launch at Telehealth and Medicine Today March 2017 Conference

Press Release

US, December 20, 2016 at 16:33 UTC

Call For Entries. New online journal in sector launches Innovation Ignition Competition to be held at Hyatt Regency in Greenwich, CT, March 16, 2017. Partnering with Telehealth and Medicine Today is the Connecticut Hedge Fund Association and others.

Telehealth and Medicine Today is excited to announce the first Innovation Ignition Competition. Entrants must demonstrate how products and services directly impact the telehealth and medicine vertical. “Companies that promise to radically change the future of our healthcare system with innovations that revolutionize and rock our current perspectives in telemedicine and telehealth should apply,” stated Tory Cenaj, Publisher. “To be a winner and leader, we believe transcending the experiential by way of existential is how to do it. If you ”get“ that line, then you need to apply. Game on!”  declared Ms. Cenaj.

The invitation only semi-final jubilee event will be held in Greenwich, CT, the evening of March 15, 2017. The evening’s theme will be “The Global State of Telehealth.”  TMT board members, conference speakers, venture capiltalists, and honored guests representing the WHO, China, Israel, and Europe will be in attendance to judge entries. Finalists will present lightning round pitches to the Technologies and Tactics Transforming Long-term Care Conference audience, scheduled March 16, 2017, at the Hyatt Regency, in Greenwich, CT.

The Connecticut Hedge Fund Association is pleased to support TMT with its first annual conference & jubilee in Greenwich.  Healthcare is a complex and dynamic field with many opportunities for innovations that will extend and improve lives.  The alternative investment community of hedge funds, private equity and venture capital will be at the forefront of these innovations, as a source of capital and strategic advice.” stated Bruce McGuire, President, Connecticut Hedge Fund Association


Who Should Apply: Anyone that wants to make a mark in telehealth and medicine with the ability to ignite collaboration and progress for a new era in medicine. The platform will be diverse and you will show & share wares in front of 120+ telehealth leaders, 22,000 readers and Twitter followers, not to mention everyone watching the live stream!

Why Attempt This: TMT wants to lead and we believe transcending the experiential by way of existential is how to do it. If you “get” that line, then you need to apply.

When Is It: March 16, 2017 if you make it to the final 6 on stage at the Hyatt in Greenwich, CT. A lightening 5 minute pitch presentation will determine your fate.


Apply to Pitch:

Anyone with something that will change healthcare as we know it in the vertical can apply. Think mobile, device, blockchain, sensors, AI, AR robotics, software, services…we’ll leave it up to you…

Only 12 semi-finalists will be selected. Those 12 will be invited to our invitation only TMT Jubilee to celebrate our 1st year in publication, the vening of March 15, 2017. Venture capitalists, TMT board members, and conference speakers will be there. The theme is "Global State of Telehealth." Honored guests from the WHO, China, Europe, and Israel will be there to share and fuel excitment! You will present to us all, and we will select 6 finalists for lightning round pitches conference day…Game On!!!



Access to events and sessions is limited. If you come JUST FOR LUNCH to see Innovation Ignition Pitches, it’s SRO for you!!! See Spectator Registration for details.


February 17, 2017

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For general information, send inquiries to [email protected]   For Support Opportunities Please Contact: Johnathan Lewis[email protected] | Office: 856-979-6760

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