Press Release: Ethplorer 2.0: Tokens for investors, widgets and API for developers.

Press Release

SG, March 3, 2017 at 15:07 BST

Ethereum is getting traction as a practical blockchain platform focused on smart contracts and custom token assets. It is predicted that 80% of all ICO crowdfunding campaigns will use Ethereum for smart contracts or as an investment method in 2017 (William Mougayar, EDCON 2017).

With the Ethereum platform going through its second year in business, it is still challenging for “non-blockchain” folks to understand the value and opportunities that Ethereum offers. That is why the Ethplorer team has decided to focus on making the Ether-tech available for mainstream business and individual users.

The newly released Ethplorer version 2.0 boasts major updates as per user feedback that’s been collected since the original launch a few month ago.

The most interesting new features include

  • Top 50 most active Ethereum Tokens
  • Ethereum Tokens Pulse, latest token transfers
  • Custom widgets for any Ethereum token to show their own pulse, transactions activity
  • Export CSV transaction history for accounting and data reconciliation
  • API for developers to obtain tokens data, create own wallets, design custom widgets for transactions and data filters
  • Counter for incoming and outgoing transaction amounts per period, both for custom tokens and ETH
  • Mobile friendly optimization


The Export feature allows filtering and extracting blockchain data per a specific address. Ethplorers are confident that this feature will help with account reconciliation and audit reports once tokens are used to represent fiat currencies and financial assets. This way Ethplorer will be used as a source of export into different accounting software applications.

Ethplorer API helps to design own Ethereum wallet for custom tokens. For example MyEtherWallet can provide transaction generation, and Ethplorer API will take care of token information and transaction history. One such successful case of this implementation is the wallet for vDice project.

Ethplorer team supports and develops the inclusion of more data into Ethereum blockchain transaction protocol. Now it’s possible to add json field description to the transaction or contract and Ethplorer will display it.

Ethplorer is ready for and welcomes interesting custom projects to display in native format. One such project was, the immutable short URL and blockchain document authentication tool. Here is how Ethplorer displays Chainy data in native format. Your DAPP can be next.

Ethplorer is one of the best projects in Ethereum. Alex and his team are great developers. There idea is perfect; a block explorer specially for ERC20 ETH meta-tokens. Someone needed to do that. They have done a tremendous job. Their tools keep getting better. As the space for ETH meta-tokens continues to grow, so fast, Ethplorer certainly has a bright future.

The vDice Team

We liked the Ethplorer from the beginning, because of their non-geek interface. Our users now can see all necessary data in simple and clear format. This makes it easier for users and efficient for us, as we spend less time and resourced for support and writing help subjects of how to view and understand our token data in Ethereum blockchain.

Chronobank, Alexandr Rugaev

Ethplorer team believes that new features will make Ethereum technology more adaptive for day to day business cases, and spur more interest from already launched and coming Dapps.

To find out more about how Ethplorer 2.0 works visit website here.

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