Press Release: CD Key retailer CJS CD Keys now Accepting Bitcoin

Press Release

BZ, January 23, 2017 at 16:06 UTC

It's official! A true pioneer of the Steam Key market, the behemoth sized online CD Key seller has once again innovated themselves by offering the opportunity for gamers to buy Steam CD Keys with Bitcoins.

Dispatching over 1000 keys every day, CJS CDKeys has grown to be one of the most popular online CD Key stores, but now it's offering is even more attractive given the fact that they now accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

CJS CD Keys have officially partnered with Bitpay, allowing gamers who love Bitcoins to get Steam CD Keys at over 50% off the usual prices you find on Steam, with instant delivery.

If you're looking to buy steam games with bitcoin, then CJS CD Keys is your answer.  They offer over 5,000 products to customers worldwide, ranging from Steam CD Keys to Origin Keys, all the way through to Xbox Live Subscriptions and Ultraviolet Movie Codes.  With a rating of 7.8 out of 10 on Trustpilot with over 27,000 reviews under their belt and a community of over 118,000 fans on Facebook, CJS CD Keys strive to be the number 1 place for cheap Steam Keys.

To put it simply, if it's available as a digital activation code, you can pretty much bet that CJS CD Keys sell it.  Their instant delivery system is one of the fastest amongst their competition, dispatching codes immediately after payment.  Now that Bitcoin is amongst their payment options, we can really see CJS CD Keys taking off as the go-to place for Buying Steam keys and Xbox Codes with Bitcoin.

If you're a gamer, and you want to buy cd keys with bitcoin, then head over to now and check out the deals.  There are some real bargains to be had, averaging 40% off retail price on almost everything they sell.  From brand new releases to old indie games, CJS CD Keys have what you need.



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