Press Release: Mining Pool Announces New Settlement Mode Increasing Miners Revenue

Press Release

NL, February 23, 2017 at 14:20 UTC

Open-source and pioneering Bitcoin mining pool announces the rollout of its newly created settlement mode for miners called Full Pay Per Share (FPPS), increasing participating miners’ revenue by as much as 9% at certain transaction fee levels when compared to traditional PPS. FPPS works by calculating a standard transaction fee within a certain period of time, adding it into the current bitcoin block reward of 12.5 BTC. This reward is then distributed to miners according to traditional Pay Per Share (PPS) model.

The new FPPS method includes both the advantages of traditional PPS and a significant additional boost in earnings by the inclusion of bitcoin transaction fees. This new FPPS settlement mode can increase pool’s miner's earnings with amounts varying by the amount of transaction fees included in a block.

“We are dedicated to providing the simplest, most efficient and convenient settlement mode for miners, to benefit and serve them as much as we can” noted’s Director Mr. Kevin Pan. “FPPS is a superior settlement mode to what is currently being offered in the market” added Mr. Chris Zhu,’s Senior Product Manager. “Essentially it is sharing the transaction fees included in the block with miners, providing them with more revenue in a stable way. We hope more pools will follow our example in putting the miner’s interest first.”

Miners participating in’s mining pool do not need any extra configuration to activate the new FPPS mode, and all accounts will automatically be upgraded to FPPS to begin benefiting from the additional profit. Miners not currently part of can easily join by creating an account at’s mining pool aims, through continuous innovation and increasing standards, to further reduce the threshold of entry into the Bitcoin mining industry, and to promote decentralization. Alongside the newly created FPPS mode, pool also provides fully open-source codebase for Bitcoin mining pools to use, multi-node deployment, a high-speed broadcast network, BTC smart agent and BTC pool mobile app. is a fast-growing and world's leading universal provider of Bitcoin data, mining pool and secure multi-platform Bitcoin wallet. is committed to continuous innovation in Bitcoin and improvements of standards. The team will continue to deliver its users with a better bitcoin experience.

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