Netki Gains 100,000 Users in Three Months

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, August 3, 2015 at 10:04 UTC

Netki launched its Wallet Name Service in April of this year and in three months they have surpassed 100,000 registered names.

Integrations with, Gem, ChangeTip, Holy Transaction and others has allowed Netki to rapidly gain market adoption of it’s Wallet Name Service standard.

Netki’s Wallet Name Service allows users to share an easy to remember name, like “” instead of a complicated, difficult to remember wallet address like “1P5faasXEt4BVgMaQjVo6TmvFXdGgZ8FF9”.  Additionally, with HD Wallets (BIP 0032) and Payment Requests (BIP 0070) already integrated into their initial product, Netki further enhances privacy and security beyond the current practice of sharing your wallet address directly.

“Our partners and others in the ecosystem have built really great products for their users.  Our Wallet Name Service makes it easy for users to connect all of these services together.” said Justin Newton, Netki CEO.

Based on open source software and standards, Netki provides developers with libraries and APIs that make it easy for companies to quickly integrate Wallet Names into their own applications.

About Netki

Netki was founded in 2014 to remove barriers to entry for consumers, and help foster mass-market adoption of digital currency. Its Wallet Name Service offers enterprise-grade solutions for digital asset applications that promote scalability, security, and ease of use for all.

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