Press Release: Flavours Place is Now Open for Used Coffee Equipment

Press Release

HK, May 18, 2017 at 14:32 UTC

Flavours Place dares a step forward and opens section for used coffee equipment. The online Coffee & Tea marketplace allows to buy exceptional coffees either directly from the coffee farmer or the small batch roaster. The coffee and tea producers are invited to sell directly to the end customer or find their retailer or small batch roaster. In fact, everyone who sells products related to coffee and tea can open a free account and sell in this Marketplace. Flavors Place is slowly becoming a favorite playground for home coffee roasters and specialty coffee lovers. The platform that maintains a strong spirit of community bets on fair trade and its highest form, direct trade of coffee and tea. In addition to these two products are allowed cocoa beans and spices. They have recently decided to allow the sale of all kinds of used equipment related to coffee and tea.

 The platform that becomes a kind of underground specialty coffees platform, attempts to give space and support to small producers, small traders, and small batch coffee roasters. In other words, works for all who are outside the big chains of the coffee trade. The platform has an easy-to-use interface and navigates the products are cataloged very well and its multiple filters allow you to do a thorough search. In addition to traditional payment methods such as PayPal accepts bitcoin through Coinbase. Those who like to roast coffee at home can find home coffee roasters, green coffee beans and all necessary equipment for slow coffee brewing.

By providing an online trading platform for small-scale producers, Flavours Place support direct trade. Connecting the customer to the vendors allows farmers to get a better price for their green coffee beans. The only condition to be a vendor is to accept bitcoin. In this way, Flavors Place is working for promoting the use and the growth or the bitcoin community.

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