Etherparty And Huobi: A Powerful Partnership

Press Release

, May 19, 2015 at 09:59 UTC

Etherparty Partners with Major BTC Exchange to offer Smart Contract Price Feeds

We are proud to announce that we're partnering up with two of the largest exchanges – Huobi and their USD-based platform, BitYes – to give DAPPs on the Ethereum network the ability to leverage live price data across BTC, USD and CNY.

Through the API of these two reputable and well-known exchanges, new doors are being opened in the DAPP field, allowing users to base the rules of their own Smart Contract creation on up-to-date fiat-based Bitcoin values. And with Huobi being an exchange that comes with a high volume of BTC flowing through it day and night, it's a great choice for minimizing volatility over short periods of time. Match this with the instant spot pricing data in both USD and CNY, and the possibilities are limitless.

Our new partnership is set to transform the smart contract field by offering a safe, reliable system users are able to easily get involved with. This takes out the risk that is present with centralized systems, ensuring the contracts are fulfilled according to their design. With this new innovation, Etherparty cuts out reliance on a central agency to ensure all obligations are successfully carried out. Now Bitcoin's trade data is instantly available for smart contracts at all times, day and night, allowing them to be created and fulfilled regardless of location or time.

This is just one step towards giving more options and information to users of the Ethereum smart contract system, and we're continuing to make strides towards the usability and adoption of Ethereum.

Don't forget to sign up for the Etherparty beta via the Etherparty website.

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