Blockchain Venture Platform Block26 Launches

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, June 22, 2015 at 10:52 UTC

Los Angeles-based fund to fortify and finance blockchain technology firms beginning this year.

Block26 LLC, a Los Angeles-based blockchain and digital currency venture platform, launched today.

In a statement, Block26 announced plans to invest in hand-selected companies that embrace the blockchain, the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin. Led by Principals and Co-Founders Ni'coel Stark and Pedram Hasid and backed by Lakeshore Capital, among others, Block26 will provide capital, talent, and other resources to incubate a portfolio of startups in the bitcoin space.

"We are launching Block26 to provide the bitcoin community with much more than financing," said Principal and Co-Founder Pedram Hasid. "Beyond capital, our global network of experts in fields varying from financial services to software engineering to marketing to manufacturing and supply chain management will fully empower blockchain startups with vision, talent and drive."

Principal and Co-Founder Ni'coel Stark said, "Block26 is a brand new type of creative investor focused on blockchain technology. We believe that the independent, secure digital ledger known as the blockchain will be the cornerstone of a new generation of applications essential to almost every segment of society and industry. With this in mind, Block26 will develop long-term, synergistic relationships with startups who have the capacity to change the world."

Block26's involvement will include the development of a spectrum of novel blockchain applications through strategic partnerships, acquisitions and licensing.

Ni'coel Stark added, "Block26 is more flexible than an angel fund and more hands-on than a traditional VC. Our venture platform will make deliberate but aggressive investments in companies at every stage of establishment, from Seed Round to Series C. Block26 plans to make a proprietary network of resources and capital available to select blockchain entrepreneurs."

As of today, Block26 will begin accepting applications from bitcoin entrepreneurs for potential selection.


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