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Shira Lazar: Creating a New Paradigm for Women and Minorities in Web3

Real-world utility and benefits of Web3 adoption for all parties across the globe.

November 30, 2022

Shira Lazar is the founder and CEO of the Emmy Award-nominated digital media brand What's Trending and co-founder of Peace Inside Live, a mindfulness platform for a global collective across Web3, video, audio and in-person channels.

She advises as well as consults with companies in the Web3 space regarding cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the metaverse.

As a broadcaster, Shira uses her platforms to create content and education around Web3, bridging the gap between the industry, creators and consumers. She hosts weekly Twitter Spaces called #AlphaMondays and Women in Web3, brings viewers the top five NFT stories of the week on Instagram and hosts the weekly “Inside Web3” podcast on Audacy.

She has also been named one of Fast Company’s “Most Influential Women in Technology” and Huffington Post’s “Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter”

Kamz and Shira discuss:

🌍 real-world use cases and benefits for crypto and blockchain across the globe

🔐 the advantages of adopting Web3 technologies for women everywhere

🗣️ advice for empowering women and elevating women's voices

🧘🏽‍♀️We end with a meditation focused on inviting ease and relaxation into your life.

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This episode was produced and edited by Michele Musso with executive producer Jared Schwartz. Our theme song is ‘Twennysomething’ by Daniele Musto. Other music used is ‘Mind and Soul’ by Stefano Vita and ‘Electrolove’ by Lunareh.