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Decoding Cryptocurrency: The Dynamic Duo Behind Crypto Tutors

Explore the cutting-edge strategies for crypto wealth building with the inspiring leaders of Crypto Tutors, champions of diversity and innovation.

April 5, 2023

On this week’s show, Kamz is joined by Nina Blankenship and Lisa Francoeur, co-founders of Crypto Tutors.

These two influential women are on a mission to simplify cryptocurrency through e-learning and 1:1 tutoring to educate and transform knowledge into wealth.

We went crazy over time while we were recording but we’re bringing you some incredible mic-drop insights.

Nina Blankenship

Nina Blankenship is the CEO and co-founder of Crypto Tutors, a privately held, profitable and award-winning crypto education startup. Crypto Tutors’ B2B model specializes in upskilling corporate employees (internal) and their customer communities (external e.g.,  Ambitious Girl HBCU Tour with Cash App). Nina is a media sales guru and was one of the top-ranking global media sales execs at Linkedin throughout her award-winning 5+ year career there. Nina is also a LinkedIn Learning instructor who authored the popular “Video Strategies for High Engagement.” Leveraging her award-winning marketing strategies, Crypto Tutors’ team of animators, illustrators, videographers and sound engineers work in concert to create original, high-quality content ranging from eLearning, the ”Crypto Couch” YouTube show to crypto rap. Since redirecting her entrepreneurial prowess to Crypto Tutors, Nina has scaled this lean startup to a seven-figure valuation in less than 18 months without external funding during an economic downturn.

Nina is a staunch advocate for diversity, and her company Crypto Tutors organizes the world's largest diversity crypto conference. The Crypto For The Culture Conference featured in Forbes unites the most progressive, forward-thinking, diverse trailblazers in Web3. Leaders at Fidelity, the London Stock Exchange, A16z are among those who educate the crypto curious, crypto enthusiasts and crypto job seekers about how companies as well as individuals can best navigate the digital landscape.

Nina holds a BA in Finance from the University of Florida, is an active crypto trader and is the CEO of Let’s Brainstorm, a viral video production and marketing company. A Florida native, Nina is an animal lover who just adopted her foster dog, Ben, and believes you must ask, believe and achieve in order to receive.

Lisa Francoeur

Lisa Francoeur is a proud Haitian American and former fashion stylist who is presently co-founder and chief revenue officer of Crypto Tutors, a privately held, profitable and award-winning Web3 education startup. Crypto Tutors’ B2B model specializes in upskilling corporate employees (internal) and their customer communities.  As a seasoned tech executive with 10+ years of enterprise sales experience, Lisa has a proven track record of driving exponential growth while navigating complex deal structures at Fortune 100 firms including LinkedIn and startups. At the helm of business development, Lisa has led two lean startups to seven-figure valuations in less than 18 months without external funding, just revenue!

As a LinkedIn content creator on crypto, her thought leadership is in high demand, having spoken at Meta, Block, Cash App, Gemini, A16z’s Culture Leadership Summit and Earn Your Leisure’s (EYL) InvestFest. Lisa is a global champion of diversity and her company, Crypto Tutors, organizes the world’s largest diversity conference in crypto, Crypto for the Culture. Lisa is ranked 30th on the list of Top 50 Most Influential People in Crypto in the world,  5th out of 7 Top Crypto Female CEOs and 5th out of 11 Black Founders driving innovation in Web3. 

Lisa is also founder/CEO of Fancyfied, an innovation lab of human engineering. As an instructional, motivational speaker Lisa has spoken at LinkedIn, Ghana Tech Summit, Doordash Splunk and is also a corporate trainer who has delivered her proprietary mind-set training “Authentic Intelligence – the New AIl” at Salesforce, AMC Networks and Microsoft.

On this education-packed show, we discuss:

💰What is staking? Why stake? How does it generate wealth?

💃Crypto Tutors: How it came to be and why you should check it out!

🦾How to ensure your educational content is inclusive and accessible

🔑Strategies for scaling digital business with purpose

🤯Actionable insights from tech leaders at the forefront of innovation

🧘🏽‍♀️We end with a two-minute mindfulness exercise on recalibrating the mind and body for success! :)




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This episode was produced and edited by Michele Musso with executive producer Jared Schwartz. Our theme song is ‘Twennysomething’ by Daniele Musto. Other music used is ‘Mind and Soul’ by Stefano Vita and ‘Electrolove’ by Lunareh.

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