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Deciphering New Developments | Polygon’s Evolution and Ethereum’s Safeguard

Insights into Polygon's transition to version 2.0 and the debut of the "POL" token. Also, a shift towards decentralization and governance is a significant stride in bolstering trust and credibility among the broader blockchain community.

October 26, 2023

This episode is sponsored by the Algorand Foundation.

In this installment of "The Protocol," hosts Brad Keoun, the founding editor of The Protocol Newsletter, and tech journalists Sam Kessler and Margaux Nijkerk, explore the following stories:

  • A cybersecurity hacker earns a living by safely testing Ethereum's security – benefiting the network's integrity.
  • Bitcoin blossoms with tech developments - It’s not just Bitcoin’s price that’s suddenly exploding.


  • The State of Polygon


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