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On today’s episode, NLW covers a set of recent news in the crypto industry, including:

  • Reactions to the Responsible Financial Innovation Act
  • SEC investigating Binance over BNB
  • Reuters report on Binance and money laundering
  • BlockFi raising money on a down round
  • Coinbase’s rescinded job offers

“The Breakdown” is written, produced by and features Nathaniel Whittemore aka NLW, with editing by Rob Mitchell, research by Scott Hill and additional production support by Eleanor Pahl. Jared Schwartz is our executive producer and our theme music is “Countdown” by Neon Beach. The music you heard today behind our sponsors is “Catnip” by Famous Cats and “I Don't Know How To Explain It” by Aaron Sprinkle. Image credit: Andriy Onufriyenko/Getty Images, modified by CoinDesk. Join the discussion at