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Lyn Alden on Why the Dollar System No Longer Serves the US or the World

At the end of an 80-year global debt supercycle, who benefits from having the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency?

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This is an encore presentation of NLW’s first interview with macro analyst Lyn Alden, from May 2020. In it, they discuss:

  • Why we’re at the end of a strong dollar cycle
  • Why the Federal Reserve is terrified of the global dollar shortage
  • The difference in creditor vs. debtor nations
  • The concept of the Triffin dilemma
  • Why Japan has been able to print money without seeing rampant inflation
  • Why we have inflationary and deflationary forces competing to influence the U.S. economy
  • Why debt is going to matter more than ever
  • What Lyn Alden thinks alternatives to the USD system might look like

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