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Bitcoin Is the Most Illiquid It’s Ever Been: 12 Numbers That Tell the Current Story of Markets

From growth in Lightning Network capacity to outstanding stablecoin supply, a numerical tour.

September 24, 2021

This episode is sponsored by NYDIG.

NLW looks at the current state of crypto markets through numbers, including:

  • Bitcoin illiquid supply
  • Lightning Network capacity
  • Evergrande’s debt
  • The total value of CryptoPunks
  • And more

“The Breakdown” is written, produced by and features NLW, with editing by Rob Mitchell and additional production support by Eleanor Pahl. Adam B. Levine is our executive producer and our theme music is “Countdown” by Neon Beach. The music you heard today behind our sponsor is “Tidal Wave” by BRASKO. Image credit: Vertigo3d/E+/Getty Images, modified by CoinDesk.