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In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NLW explores 15 key economic questions including:

1. Why isn’t the world going even bigger on sanctions?

2. How is Russia’s economy tied to the rest of the world?

3. Why isn’t Russia scared of sanctions?

4. Will Russia retaliate by cutting off the world from its exports?

5. Will we see SWIFT sanctions?

6. Is there concern in the U.S. that SWIFT sanctions could threaten the U.S. dollar’s status as a global reserve?

7. What alternatives to SWIFT exist?

8. Does this put Bitcoin in the spotlight and shed new light on Russia’s legalization/regulation?

9. Does this situation risk the politicization of Bitcoin?

10. How does this change the discussion of CBDCs and stablecoins?

11. Why did the price of BTC drop and will we see the other side?

12. How does this change the Fed’s calculus about quantitative tightening?

13. Does this change the discussion around green energy?

14. What about China and Taiwan?

15. Is there any possibility of sanctions actually working?

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