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Preston Byrne on GameStop, Online Mobs and Marmots

The attorney joins Ben Schiller to consider the continuing fallout from the WallStreetBets controversy.

February 7, 2021

Preston Byrne is a partner in Anderson Kill's Technology, Media and Distributed Systems Group, and a CoinDesk columnist.

He joins CoinDesk Features Editor Ben Schiller to discuss his recent op-ed about GameStop, Robinhood and the rise of online mobs.

Schiller spoke to Byrne about:

  • The rise of online mobs from GameStop to Capitol Hill and how the internet is impacting real life in an increasingly tangible way
  • What policymakers can do to prevent mobs doing damage to decent companies
  • Why it’s likely the WallStreetBets Reddit contained some pump-and-dumpers
  • How the regulatory reaction to the WallStreetBets could impact cryptocurrencies
  • How the backlash from “elites” impacted by GameStop could harm free speech
  • Why Preston Byrne supports marmots (which are like squirrels or groundhogs)