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Is Africa the Next Hotbed of Crypto Adoption? Feat. Anita Posch

What can crypto do in a country where less than a half of the population has access to the internet?

August 18, 2021

This week, “Opinionated” hosts Anna Baydakova, Danny Nelson and Ben Schiller, are talking to Anita Posch, an Austria-based bitcoin educator, advocate and bilingual podcaster. Anita has just published a book about the leading cryptocurrency basics entitled “(L)earn Bitcoin.”

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We invited Anita to talk about the topic she knows so well – cryptocurrencies in Africa.

LocalBitcoins said that Africa delivered 12% of its $600 million in global volume between January and March and that demand is growing. Countries like Nigeria are seeing an increased interest in crypto even as the banks block crypto-related transactions in the country.

Anita traveled Africa and interviewed crypto influencers there like no other bitcoiner has. She knows what people think about bitcoin in Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Eritrea, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, and is keen to share her insights.

What can crypto do in a country where less than a half of the population has access to the internet? Why is it easier for Africans abroad to send money back home via crypto? The KYC/AML (know-your-customer/anti-money-laundering) policies in crypto around the world are getting stricter – how will that affect people in Africa, where personal IDs aren’t widespread?

Anita shares her thoughts on how crypto use in Africa is different from that in Europe and the U.S., and a possible future for African central bank digital currencies under China’s influence, and she gets into a heated debate with Ben on bitcoin’s viability as a form of payment given its volatility.

Listen to Anita, Ben, Anna and Danny discuss the optimistic – and disturbing things about crypto in Africa.

Anita Posch’s Twitter handle is @AnitaPosch

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