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Is a Bitcoin Futures ETF Good for Bitcoin?

Last week’s SEC approval of a bitcoin futures ETF sounds good on paper. But is it good for investors and what does it do for the Bitcoin brand?

October 27, 2021

The first bitcoin-linked ETF to ever hit U.S. markets has finally arrived. But what does that mean for bitcoin as an investment? For starters, hundreds of millions of dollars in speculative bets from traders whose brokerage accounts have never tasted crypto before. But are they betting on bitcoin? Not exactly…. They’re betting on bitcoin futures contracts. And it’s not quite the same.

Karan Sood joins the “Opinionated” squad to break down crypto’s hot new investment trend. His investment company, Cboe Vest, was one of the first to wrap bitcoin futures in a traditional finance shell. It’s no wonder that he believes products linked to futures contracts are mainstream investors’ best way into crypto.

Ben, Anna and Danny don’t completely agree.

Listen to this week’s “Opinionated” for a contrarian take on the big bitcoin news.

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